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How to avoid heat How to protect yourself in the summer The best tips to protect your skin .

How to avoid heat How to protect yourself in the summer The best tips to protect your skin .

How to avoid heat How to protect yourself in the summer The best tips to protect your skin .

Best health tips beat heat this summer 2020

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Summer is approaching and temperatures appear to be rising every day, sending warning signals to everyone to take precautions to prevent heat waves and summer-related illnesses.

Although we cannot control the temperature outside, we make sure that we do everything we can to stay safe. Adverse climate can drain your energy and make you prone to infections, nausea, nausea, blood pressure and tingling.

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With temperatures forecast to rise above normal, we should all take care of our health by the beginning of April so that our health does not suffer. So here are some key points to beat the heat this season.

Keep hydrated and hydrated
Think of it this summer as number one. It is important to stay hydrated during the summer as it ensures that your body is functioning normally. As heat increases, this results in excessive sweating, which reduces energy levels and electrolytes from the body. Sip flavored water by adding mineral-rich fruits like lemons, watermelon, kiwi, etc., or you can make slices and lemonade water at home.

Lemon Juice

The water of lemons

Eat regularly, but eat light
Never over-exfoliate during the summer as it strengthens you. Heat time reduces one's appetite due to excessive heat. Which is why eating more regularly is essential for keeping you healthy. The best thing to do is to follow a light diet with summer vegetables such as squash, bottle gourd, cucumber and ivy gourd. Avoid heat-producing foods such as eggs, meat and other proteins.

Light Food

Light food

Wear loose clothes
Needless to say, in order to stay cool in the summer you will need to wear loose clothing so that the air circulation is good. Avoid your synthetic pants and clothes and go in cotton. When you go out, cover yourself with the hard rays of the sun.

Loose cloth
Loose cloth

Avoid skipping your breakfast
Avoid your breakfast not only in the summer but also in the winter, we wake up in the morning after about 8 hours of sleep, so our body needs energy to function properly. So, fuel yourself with a healthy breakfast with carbs, healthy fats, and proteins that help boost your metabolism and keep you motivated throughout the day.


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Green Teapot
Yes, green tea is also beneficial for the summer, it helps boost metabolism and speed up the body's fat burning process. Green Tea is completely packed with antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which boost our immune system and protect against cough and flu.
Green tea
Green tea


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