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8 Beauty Summer Makeup Tips.

8 Beauty Summer Makeup Tips.

8 Beauty Summer Makeup Tips.

Nothing beats a good day of makeup, but as it grows, your makeup is more difficult to maintain throughout the day. We all know that summer and makeup are melting. Here is a way to tell you a few summer make-up to help you avoid the summer makeup mistakes.

1. Dig the shadows and bulge contouring of the slightly blended eyes and enjoy the colors. Yes, brighten your eyes when you go out in the summer months. The trend also predicts many pink eye shadows, apricot eye makeup and purple eye shadow this season.

2: Wearing mascara in the summer can have a devastating thaw in your unified makeup. An alternative to mascara is eyelash curlers. Kill your garbage as this will not only make your eyes look bigger but also protect your makeup from scratches.

3: Replace the Concealer with BB Cream in the summer as BB Cream works like a sunscreen, primer and stain moisturizer. Spent a summer skin care tip through our MUAs - choose a BB cream or a lightweight foundation with SBF.

4: Oily skin looks beautiful in summer. To get the look of dew on your face, you need to combine your highlighter with the foundation, and voila! Highlight your cheeks and collar lips with this easy to blend look.

5: Quit smoking this summer for bright heat. Wear the shine of your choice between your eyelids alone or swipe a shy eye shadow or black liner for makeup in the eyes.

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6: In summer, apply a lightweight primer followed by a lightweight foundation. Wearing a smudged moisturizer will leave a light on your skin. You can combine a small amount of liquid foundation with a small amount of moisturizer. This will make it thinner and provide a lighter coat on your face.

7: Switch your blush powder with liquid gel bluish as the latter is lasting. You can use a light bronze shade on the cheeks and chin to reach a beautiful satin.

8: Replace matte lipstick for lip blurring. The lip stain will brighten your lips as you get out in the sun. It is better to stay away from clean vaccines because they can increase the chances of burning lips.
If you have any tips for heat make-up to share, feel free to write to us.

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