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Lip problems and their great home remedies.

Lip problems and their great home remedies.

Lip problems and their great home remedies.


Almost everyone has the problem of chapped lips at some point in their life, some suffer from mild dryness while for some it is bigger, ie very dry, yellow and bleeding.

People of all ages can have this problem and it is not only frustrating but also extremely painful.

But often this is a sign that something more serious is developing inside the skin.

People usually think it is the result of cold weather or dry air, but there are a few other reasons.

By the way, this is not often a cause for concern, but usually the weather is a major cause, but here are a few other reasons.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, dehydration causes the body to lose its normal function due to dehydration. If dehydration is not eliminated, dehydration is a problem. When this happens, the body draws water from the skin and Makes it dry Dry skin usually affects the lips the most and causes them to crack or turn yellow.

Lip biting or sucking

When most people have dry lips, they take it inside their mouth and start sucking it, which is a big mistake. Combustible saliva escapes from the lips, causing a decrease in moisture. Similarly, the chemical in saliva dries the lips, which makes them more dry and itchy.

Excessive use of vitamin A.

The recommended daily dose of vitamin A for men is 900 micrograms, while for women it is 700 micrograms. If too much vitamin A is used, it can cause a number of medical problems, including chapped lips and itchy skin.

Allergies to certain items

Most people's lip skin is very sensitive, if they are allergic to lipstick, make-up, toothpaste or other skin care products, it can cause itchy lips while they may crack. The same problem can occur in the form of allergies to certain foods.

Deficiency of any vitamin

Vitamin B2, which is commonly found in milk, spinach, yogurt and meat, etc., when deficient in the body, the lips are cracked or sores appear on the corners.

Sour things

Acids in sour fruits or vegetables can cause itching on the mouth and lips. If your lips are already cracked or dry, eating such fruits and vegetables can be painful.

How is salvation possible?

The best way to treat chapped lips is to drink adequate amounts of water and maintain lip moisture with the help of lip balm. If the problem still gets worse, see a doctor and try to find out the reason behind it.

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