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Treatment of depression and the symptoms of depression that appear on the body.

Treatment of depression and the symptoms of depression that appear on the body.

Treatment of depression and the symptoms of  that appear on the body.

Many people experience anxiety and depression at different stages of life, which increases the risk of other diseases as well as weight gain.

But the question is, how can a person be diagnosed with depression?

In fact, there are certain symptoms of depression that most people do not recognize and suffer from more serious disorders.

Knowing these symptoms will definitely help you.

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Insomnia is usually a common symptom of depression and has an effect on the next day's activities. In fact, people with depression experience a feeling of fatigue and this is the result of sleep problems, diet, stress or medication. 

Depression causes a decrease in the levels of dopamine and serotonin, hormones that are directly linked to mood and physical energy.

Feeling restless all the time

Depression causes some people to experience anxiety, worry, disability or negative thoughts, which are alarm bells and promote activities within the body and mind that include functions such as rest, relaxation or sleep. Affect. It causes mental instability all the time.

Dizziness or lightheadedness

According to medical experts, sleep deprivation can lead to drowsiness in a stressful situation. He said that the affected person stays in bed all day as a result of which he does not drink water which also causes dizziness.

Speech may change

Another anonymous symptom is a change in the way you speak, which experts say is related to the functions of thinking, analyzing information and concentrating, all of which are affected during depression. When these functions are affected, the way of speaking changes and the patient starts speaking slowly and takes more time to complete the sentence.

Body aches

It is not uncommon to have pain in the body as a result of hard work, but if the stinging pain is happening for no reason, it can be a sign of depression, back pain, muscle aches or any part of the body. Unexplained pain is considered a sign of depression. According to medical experts, pain attacks the body according to the mood. If you are mentally depressed or anxious, you feel more pain, while when you are happy, you do not feel pain. ۔

Weight gain or loss

Depression also affects hormones that control appetite, meaning you may feel more hungry or not feel like eating at all. As a result, people either overeat or do not have enough, which can lead to weight gain or loss.

Difficult to sleep

Although people with depression often experience fatigue and lack of physical energy, it is not easy for them to sleep at night. According to medical experts, one of the few obvious symptoms of depression is insomnia, early sleep deprivation and Then there are sleep deprivation, etc., which is a source of frustration for those affected, because often a good night's sleep is the only way to prevent depression.

Skin problems

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Hormones that cause stress also damage the skin. During depression, the amount of these hormones increases a lot, as a result of which most patients suffer from acne, psoriasis and itching. According to medical experts, the use of medicines prescribed by a doctor for depression also eliminates the problems quickly.

Gastrointestinal problems

Chest irritation, constipation, cholera and vomiting can also be linked to depression, especially worse for those who suffer from anxiety or depression, according to experts. Responds accordingly.

Dental diseases

Depression is also a disease that affects the health of the mouth. According to a study, depression increases the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss due to which mood disorders make daily tasks difficult. As a result, people do not pay attention to proper dental hygiene, which leads to dental diseases.

Half a headache

Like body aches, migraines can be linked to depression. Depression not only causes headaches but also makes migraines more common in patients with migraines. However, headaches can be a symptom of other ailments, especially if there is a sudden change in vision, a feeling of stiffness or stiffness of the neck, a doctor should be consulted.

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