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Why is there itching in the eyes? 5 Causes and Easy Treatment of Eye Itching and Headache.

Why is there itching in the eyes? 5 Causes and Easy Treatment of Eye Itching and Headache.

Why is there itching in the eyes? 5 Causes and Easy Treatment of Eye Itching and Headache.

5 Causes and Easy Treatment of Eye Itching and Headache


The main cause of eye itching is Allergy due to the weather. Allergy persists throughout the year. Effects of digital pressure on the eyes. Infections in the eyes.

Scabies is a common cause of redness in the eyes of children and adolescents today, and the clear eyes that children used to have in the past are rarely seen today. Increasing pollution and mobile phones and computers Excessive use of screens has given the gift of redness and itching to the eyes of children and adults alike.

The main cause of itchy eyes:

There are two main causes of eye itching: allergies and infections. In case of itching and redness in the eyes, it is important to first determine whether it is an allergy or an infection.
The main causes of itching and redness in the eyes in general may be something like this.

Weather allergies:

If you always have itchy or red eyes at certain times of the year, it means that you are allergic to this season. This usually happens in spring when most people have pollen green in the air Due to the presence of pollen allergies. This can happen in Pakistan during February-April.

Remember that in case of infection, only redness is seen in the eyes, whereas in case of allergies, sneezing and runny nose with allergies and itching in the eyes may also be among the symptoms.
To avoid this allergy, it may be helpful to use anti-allergy medication at the time of the year when the allergy occurs. Also, avoid going out too much during the season when the allergy occurs.

Year-round allergies:

This allergy that causes itching and redness in the eyes does not need a specific season and time and can start suddenly at any time. There can be various reasons for this.
Sometimes it can be caused by some kind of perfume, soap or shampoo, but sometimes it can be caused by anything which causes sudden redness and itching of the eyes.
In this case, knowing the causes of allergies, it may be helpful to take precautions against such things.
Effects of digital pressure on the eyes:
If you stare at the screen for too long, the rays emitted from it can affect the eyes. This can cause itchy eyes and dry and red eyes. In addition to this, there is also the problem of headache.

Eye Infections:

The eyes are the part of the body that is exposed to all kinds of bacteria or viruses, such as the skin. Because of this, they are more likely to become infected.
Most types of eye infections are highly contagious and can spread rapidly from one person to another, with the white part of the eye turning reddish pink.
Remember that it is important to use antibiotics on the advice of a doctor to treat the infection, otherwise the infection will not go away.

Dry eye:

Tears are a combination of water, salts and mucus that keep our eyes moist and refreshed. This condition is more common in older people.
But sometimes diabetes can also cause dry eyes or the use of blood pressure medications, antidepressants or birth control pills can also cause dry eyes. This condition can also be caused by a blockage in the tear duct.
Spending too much time in an open and airy place can also cause eye moisture to be lost from the outside air which can cause itching and redness in the eyes.
In this regard, ophthalmologists recommend drops that create artificial tears in the eyes and retain moisture.

Use of lens:

The use of lenses in the eyes can cause itching in some people. This may be due to not taking care of the cleaning of the lens or it may be due to keeping the lens in the eyes for a long time.
Easy treatment for eye itching
Eyes are a blessing so it is important to take care of them. By taking these steps, not only eye itching can be avoided but it can also be removed.
Take care of eye hygiene and comfort.
In case of itching, use the drop on the advice of a doctor.

Rinsing the eyes with cold water can bring relief.
Use glasses when going out of the house.
Limit screen time.
When to consult a doctor.
If, despite all these measures, the itching and redness of the eyes do not subside, consult an eye doctor.


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